About Matthew Curtis

Matthew is the Founder and the voice behind Choral Tracks’ rehearsal tracks. He has performed around the world with internationally acclaimed choral ensembles such as Chanticleer, San Francisco Symphony Chorus, Philharmonia Baroque, American Bach Soloists, and the Rose Ensemble.

Matthew founded Choral Tracks in 2012 to empower singers to practice their music and encourage the goal of artistry in the choral rehearsal process. He has worked with thousands of choirs, composers, and choral festivals around the world and is actively recording hundreds of new titles each month.


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Choral Tracks offers the highest quality, professionally sung rehearsal tracks for choral singers of all levels, promoting independent, accurate, and expressive singing. 

Founder Matthew Curtis, recent Tenor and Assistant Music Director for the world-renowned vocal ensemble Chanticleer, has recorded the entirety of the Choral Tracks catalog providing an excellent model of intonation, diction, expressivity, rhythm, healthy singing, and style. Matthew started Choral Tracks in 2012 to empower singers with a new tool to practice their music on their own outside of rehearsal and also to promote more artistry in choirs’ rehearsals and performances.


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Highest quality, professionally sung rehearsal tracks for choral singers of all levels.


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Catalog of 15,000+ pieces with hundreds added every month.


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Browse and listen across all Android, iOS, Mac, and PC devices.


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Streaming membership options for individual singers and full choirs.


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Balanced voices, part predominant, and accompaniment tracks with every song.


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Create multiple playlists with music from the Choral Tracks catalog.

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Matt would love to hear from you! Send him a message using the form or e-mail him with any questions or comments about singing, choral music, how to hire him, or about ChoralTracks.com.




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