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Rehearsals Made Simple

Choral Tracks offers the highest quality, professionally sung rehearsal tracks for choral singers of all levels, promoting
independent, accurate, and expressive singing with a catalog of over 6000 pieces of music. My popular Full Choir
Program subscription guarantees you will receive tracks for everything you program in a year with no additional costs.

Individual Singer


1 month free trial
Full, streaming access to my entire catalog
Mobile supported
Cancel Anytime

Full Choir Program


1 month free trial
Full, streaming access to my entire catalog
GUARANTEE–tracks for everything you program
No additional fees
Includes tracks for all your program’s choirs
Mobile supported

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Hire Me

Choir/Individual Skype Coaching Sessions

I love working with choirs in a masterclass via SKYPE or even individuals who need a voice lesson and some tips with their singing.


Hire me for a masterclass to work with your choir or to conduct your choral festival

Tenor Soloist

I have a diverse range of performance experience and am in high demand as a tenor soloist and chorister


Want to find out more?


Press play on the video to the right to hear more about
me, my work with Choral Tracks, and the services that I
offer as a singer, conductor, and clinician.

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I would love to hear from you! Send me a message with any
questions or comments about singing, choral music, how to
hire me, or about my work with ChoralTracks.com.



Choral Tracks LLC

Novato, CA 94949